June Performance – IT’S SHOW TIME!

There are many parts to putting this Showcase together. Creating a positive experience for the dancers is the most significant part. The staff has over 30 years of experience and we know what is required, please trust us and understand that following the instructions are essential for everyone’s benefit.

  • Attending Dress rehearsal on Tuesday, June 11 at the Lebanon Opera House is mandatory.
  • Be sure your dancer has eaten before coming to the theater on Tuesday and Wednesday. No food is permitted in the theater.
  • It is important that your dancer understands they are to remain with the chaperones at all times.
  • Do not leave any belongings at the theater. The theater is cleaned before the performance and items left behind will disappear.
  • Remove all nail polish, temporary tattoos, earrings and jewelry.
  • Buns and hair are to be done before coming to the theater. Do have equipment (hairbrush, bobbin pins, hair net, elastic, clips) in your dancers bag if repairs are needed.
  • Make-up is supplied by Lebanon Ballet School and will be applied at the theater.
  • All costumes and hairpieces remain at the theater until after the performance.
  • Dancers should wear clothing they do not have to pull over their head and can change out of easily. Zip or Button Up is Recommended.
  • Please have your child’s name on all their belongings.
  • Transport ALL belongings in a white plastic bag labeled with your dancer’s name on the outside. The bag will be used to place and house all belongings while at the theater. NO extra bags are necessary. This makes organizing and transporting belongings much simpler for the chaperones and the dancers.

Supply your dancer with:

  • Ballet I – white ankle socks and pink ballet slippers.
  • Ballet II – lavender dance dresses, pink tights, character shoes, ballet slippers
  • Ballet III – Girls: pink tights, character shoes and ballet slippers.
    Boys: white tights, white ballet slipper and character shoes

Ballet slippers should be cleaned with dish soap and a damp cloth.

Unless you are chaperoning, PLEASE remain outside the Green Room entrance. The Green Room is a small space with female, teenage dancers moving quickly to change. Too many bodies in that small space make it very difficult for the chaperones who are trying to keep track of groups of little bodies.

SCHEDULE with Drop-off and Pick-up locations
Tuesday, June 11
4:15 pm, arrive at Lebanon Opera House – please be on time.
Dancers enter by climbing the stairs to the fire escape doors – next to the Green Room entrance, located on the left side of Lebanon Opera House.
Chaperones of Ballet I – III will meet your dancer at the door and escort them to their places in the theater.

Dismissal times – If all is going well!
Pick up at the Green Room Entrance (below fire escape stairs)

  • Ballet I – 5:45pm
  • Musical Theater I – 6:15pm
  • Ballet II – 6:45pm
  • Ballet III – 7:45pm
  • Ballet IV & V/Modern/MTD2 – 8:45pm

Wednesday, June 12 arrival times

  • 4:15 – Ballet IV & V for warm-up on stage at Opera House.
  • 4:15 – Ballet II & III for warm-up at Ballet School. We will be walking over to the theater as a group with chaperones.
  • 5:20 – Ballet II arrives at Opera House. Use the Green Room Door.
  • 5:45 – Ballet I arrives at Opera House. Use the Green Room Door.

All dancers when not performing will be seating with their class and will be on stage at the end of the Showcase. They will be returned to their seats for pick-up. Please check out with the chaperone when you pick up your dancer. The younger dancers will be leaving in costume.