Dress Code

Dress Code

Dance wear must be  purchased from Lebanon Ballet School, this will ensure your dancer is properly fitted and dressed for class.

The dress code is an important part of our curriculum and age-appropriate dance attire is specific for each level.

Every dancer from Dance with Me through the Pre-Professional Program is required to have a least one full set of the official attire.

It is important that students follow the dress code at all times for a variety of reasons:

  • Helps foster the required discipline it takes to learn a classical art.
  • Allows teachers to see a student’s musculature, which in turn helps to improve technique and prevent injury.
  • Provides a sense of structure and community with peers in their class.
  • Limits distractions and allows students to move properly in class.

All students are expected to maintain a neat appearance.

Please mark clothing, shoes and dance bags with the student’s name and class level.

Students should pack their dance bag the night before their scheduled class. If a student comes dressed inappropriately for any class, the staff may only permit them to observe.

Students should wear clothing over their dance attire when entering and exiting the building.

Properly fitted footwear must be worn for all classes. Dance shoes should never be worn on outside surfaces.

For those with long hair: Hair must be worn in a securely well-made bun. Shorter hairstyles must be pinned off the face and neck.

Watches or jewelry are not to be worn in class. Stud earrings are permitted.

For female dancers, no underwear are to be worn under ballet tights. Dance with Me and Ballet I wear white socks.

No shirts, sweaters, leg warmers or other warm-up attire are permitted in class. The studios are kept at the correct temperatures for dancing.

Dance attire is to be kept laundered and in good repair. NO safety pins. Holes should be mended with same color thread.