School Policies

Ballet was an etiquette before it became the art form we know today. The rules—or etiquette—are necessary in order to progress through all the elements that make up a class. Requiring dancers to uphold classroom etiquette teaches them respect for themselves, other students, their teacher, and the art form they are studying.

In order to maintain a courteous and professional atmosphere at LBS, everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner by following the rules. Students are expected to behave respectfully and courteously at all times.

Waiting Lounge and Facilities

Please be quiet and respectful of the classes while waiting in the hallway or lounge. Parents, You are responsible for siblings while your child is in class. Do not leave children unattended. Damage to LBS property will be repaired at your expense.

LBS does not have a cleaning staff. To assist with the maintenance of the facilities, please clean up after yourself and your child.

Food and Drinks are ONLY allowed in the lounge area.

Dancers may use the refrigerator and microwave provided they clean up after themselves.

Dancers should bring water bottles – LBS Goes Green.

Please use the garbage can for disposing of food items. Please note we recycle plastics bottles, glass, and cans in separate blue receptacles. Carry-in/Carry-out is appreciated!

Avoid foods that can make a mess like popcorn and chips.

LBS is cell phone-free zone—please talk outside of the building.

Turn off cell phones when arriving at LBS.

Cell phone use is not permitted in the studios or dressing rooms.

All wet footwear is to be removed when entering the LBS lounge. Only dance shoes are permitted on the studio level as dirt, rainwater, grime, and winter salt can cause the Marley flooring to erode.

Medical Insurance

LBS requires that all students be covered by their own insurance policy. If an injury occurs it is understood that the student’s own policy is their only source of reimbursement. A Release of Liability Form must be signed before a student can participate in any class.

Inclement Weather

LBS reserves the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather.

All cancellations will be listed on the LBS website under Dancers’ Resources, on Facebook, and on our answering machine by noon of the day in question. (603) 448-5404.

Canceled classes can be made up at your convenience.

Attendance and Make-Ups

Attendance: Attendance is crucial to the success of a dancer’s training. Absences and tardiness impede the individual student’s progress as well as affecting the class as a whole.

Dancers should be prepared, dressed appropriately, and on time for class.

Dancers arriving after a class has begun should wait at the door until they are acknowledged by the teacher before entering.

Dancers arriving late may be asked to observe the remainder of the class.

Dancers if you must leave early, ask the teacher prior to class time.

Absence: If an absence cannot be avoided, please notify LBS by phone (603) 448-5404.

Dancers should not attend class if they are ill.

Dancers if injured, don’t just skip class. You learn so much from observing!

Makeup Classes:  Makeup classes are the dancer’s responsibility. Please contact the office for further assistance with makeup classes.

Dancers may take in an equivalent or lower level as a makeup.

Class Observation

LBS has an open door policy, family and friends may observe classes at any time. Please enter the studios after obtaining the teacher’s permission.

Arrival and Pick up

Dancers should arrive at LBS no later than 15 to 20 minutes before class begins.

LBS closes 10 minutes after the last class of the evening.

Dress Code

The Dress code is specific for each level. See Class description for your dress code.

Proper footwear must be worn for all classes.

Watches or jewelry are not to be worn is class.

Undergarments are not worn under tights.

For all ballet girls: hair must be worn in a securely well-made bun. Shorter hairstyles must be pinned off the face and neck.

Dance Studio

Please be quiet and respectful of the classes while waiting in the hallway.

The dancer may bring water bottles into the studios. Food is not permitted.

Dancers in Ballet II–V can use open studios before classes with permission from the staff.

Dancers, ages 3–6 are permitted in the studios only when a teacher is present.

Dressing Rooms

There are three dressing rooms; one for teen girls off the lounge area and Girls/Ladies and Boys/Men on the studio level. A bathroom is located in each dressing room on the studio level. They are not to be used for changing. The dressing rooms are not a lounge or a study hall, after changing move to the lounge to visit or hallways to stretch.

Dancers should not leave or store valuables in the dressing rooms.

LBS is not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged. A Lost and Found basket is located in the lounge. It is recommended to label belongings with the student’s name.